You can submit surveys using a custom domain of your company. Check out this step-by-step on how to set this up.

Before you start …

Remember to always request any custom domain configuration changes at least 3 business days in advance, so there is enough time for the domain propagation and configuration on the platform.

If your request happens before this, your campaigns may not have the domains changed in time, and the previously configured domain will be used.

Step 1 - Adding CNAME records

First, keep in mind which address you will use to send the emails. If you use, for example,, the domain that you will use for configuration will be

You will need to configure your organization's DNS records. This is a more advanced configuration and involves technical knowledge, we recommend that this should be done by someone in your company's IT department.

You must create the following entries in the DNS settings (it is essential that you replace by your organization's actual domain):


Enter: (replace by the domain that you will use as the email’s sender)



Enter: (replace by the domain that you use as the sender)



Enter: (replace by the domain that you will use as the sender)


The input values are the only values you need to change. The others do not have to be changed.

My company already uses SendGrid or I use s1._domainkey with other companies for email marketing. What do I do?

In this case, the best thing to do is to add the prefix cx. to your company’s domain, so that it becomes something like

So, this will be the configuration of CNAMEs:


Enter: (replace by the domain that you will use as the email’s sender)



Enter: (replace by the domain that you will use as the sender)



Enter: (replace by the domain that you will use as the sender)


After completing this setup, proceed to Step 2.

My organization's domain is managed by Microsoft Office 365. What do I do?

There is a Microsoft article that explains how the IT person can add DNS records to the Admin Center.

After completing this setup, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2 - Verifying that the records have been propagated

These DNS changes can take up to 48 hours to be made effective by all networks connected to the Internet. To follow up the propagation of this configuration, follow the steps below:

  1. Access 

  2. In the address field, where is, enter the CNAME (Example:;

  3. In the check box where "A" is written, change to "CNAME" and use the "Search" button;

  4. In the list of places where the DNS will be tested, there can be no X symbol. However, it is possible that DNSs will not propagate on China's servers (for political reasons and censorship);

When the records have not yet been spread, the result is this:

If you obtained the results above, follow these steps:

  1. Wait for DNS to propagate. It usually takes up to 48 hours after the configuration change;

  2. If even after 48 hours the change does not take effect, check if the DNS entries have been set correctly. If you need to make any changes again, keep in mind that they will take another 48 hours to propagate through the networks;

  3. If everything is correct and the changes do not propagate, please contact us at  or in-platform chat to help your company validate these settings.

After the propagation, the result will be like this:

Step 3 - Request Tracksale to change the domain

Once the DNS changes have been propagated, you can request the domain change by contacting us by email  or by in-platform chat.

We will make internal changes in the configuration of your organization to allow this. From there, just wait for our OK to continue the process.

Do not forget: it is essential that you request DNS change at least 3 days in advance, so that there is enough time for the configuration by our team and validation of DNS propagation.

Step 4 - Check if your domain has changed in your campaigns

Once you have our OK for this setting, access your Campaign’s Edition menu on our Platform:

And then, in the Email tab, access the Default Template editing menu:

You will notice in the Of: field that the domain has changed from to your organization's domain.

By clicking on the Of: field, you can set the sender's name and the sender's email portion before the @ sign, as well as an email address for reply (optional).

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to do this setup?

This setting helps authenticate your business domain to us by preventing it from being identified as spam in the email boxes of the people who will receive the survey, compromising your response rate.

By which domain is the sending of survey emails done?

In general we send surveys using the domain However, as this article shows, you can change this setting. Just follow the instructions above and then contact us to complete the setup. Do not forget that domain change requests must be made at least 3 business days in advance.

Is the bulk of surveys being carried out by Tracksale's own infrastructure?

No. Tracksale surveys are sent via SendGrid, our provider of transactional email. Even when our domain is used (, the submissions are still made using the crones of our infrastructure and SendGrid.

Do I need to create SPF in my company's DNS?

It is not necessary for Tracksale to create a custom SPF record. As we have the Automated Security feature enabled, the deliverability of emails is guaranteed (as shown in the information below, collected in SendGrid)


Also, because Tracksale has dozens of custom domains, it would not be possible to create an SPF record, because of a character limit in TXT records.

If you have any difficulties or concerns during this process, contact us. We are available at  and by in-platform chat.